Welcome to our Florida

Welcome to our new WordPress HowToBuyFlorida Blog.

As Owner and Editor of HowToBuyFL.com and HowToBuyFlordia I am attempting to Publish this WordPress site into a Helpful Guide for Want to Be Floridians. I am new to WordPress Editing and hopefully, I can find someone who could come on board and make this site a worthwhile adventure. I am willing to share Ownership and Revenue so please apply by Contacting me initially at my E-mail address below and state your experience and location and include your Phone # for Voice and Text
E-mail me at TJTwitty@Yahoo.com


  1. This is a new Word Press Blog geared around Buying / Selling Florida Real Estate. The website HowToBuyFL / Florida is an opinion decision on the Attributes of Living and Buying Florida Real Estate and the History of Transactions over the last Century.

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